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Chêne Hippolyte

Oak Hippolyte - estimated Age: 300 years - 5.26 m in circumference at 1.30 m from the floor - total height: 30 m
The most imposing of the Andaines forest Oaks.
This tree is kept in the memory of Hippolyte Foinet, former bodyguard of waters and forests (1876-1956)
(National Forestry Office).

To find:
Take the road to Bagnoles at Saint Michel.
About 3 km take a small road to the right that the locals call the crossroads floor pottier.
This road cuts the bicycle-rail railway track.
On the left side parking and the oak Hippolyte sign at about 500 m

Priory St Ortaire

Hamlet which owes its reputation to the hermit St. Ortaire (who evangelised the region towards)
the 6th century) and the ritual of pebbles healers.
St. Ortaire had fame to perform miraculous cures. The faithful
who went to the Chapel, put on the trees surrounding the sanctuary
a stone at height of evil or pain to heal. The volume of the stone was
in relation to the severity of the disease. When the rock fell in a way
natural, the patient was cured. You can visit two chapels: Chapel
the servants of the 20th century (stained glass windows and altar made by Bernard Chardon) and the
St. Ortaire and Sainte Radegonde's 18th century chapel (private).
Possibility of guided tours some Wednesdays, see program.

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